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About us

Avenue Bakery has been supplying the wonderful town of Harrogate with unrivalled customer service and bakery goods since 1943, and thats a long time! We are the third generation continuing the hard work that was started in 1943.

We pride ourselves on being an Artisan Craft Bakery and we never let our customers down. Even when the shop closed for refurbishment in 2014 we carried on supplying our customers from a marquees erected outside the shop!

Our passion is to always provide great quality products at affordable prices using Yorkshire ingredients wherever possible. We still use a lot of the same traditional recipes today exactly as they were used when the bakery first opened.

We provide bakery goods, sandwiches, cakes, savouries, tasty treats, jams, biscuits, drinks, confectionary and much more to the local community as well as to our lovely wholesale customers.

Some of our products



A range of handmade breads made using traditional methods
Made with Yorkshire flour from the finest mills



Freshly made hot or cold sandwiches from a variety of breads
All filled with the very best of fresh tasty fillings



Fabulous and Tasty just like Gran used to make.
Our cakes are scrumptious, made with love & care



Baked Fresh everyday.
A large selection of pies from pork to sausage rolls and everything in between

Tasty Treats

Tasty Treats

Treat yourself or maybe somebody else, you won’t be disappointed
When you are in need of a pick me up come and explore our range

Honey, jams & pickles

Honey, jams & pickles

From the Yorkshire plump ripe fruits to the happy little bee’s

We know you are going to be pleased.


The “Avenue Bakery” was born in 1943 by John William Forrest Doyle. Originally trained in the North East he moved to Northumberland and Scotland and became a notable Master Baker.

His wife Emma Doyle joined him in 1944 and their son John Doyle joined at the tender age of 16 (1961) marking the second generation. Having attended Thomas Danby College he also attained the title of Master Baker.

The Bakery grew from strength to strength and survived through recessions and winters of discontent.

The third generation, one of John’s sons, Robert J Doyle, joined age of 16 (1984). Sadly he never worked with his granddad (John William who retired at the age of 73), but he had successfully learned the secrets of his baking and confectionary.

On the 19th October 1997 the Bakery appeared in HEARTBEAT, Episode 8, Season 7, “The Friendly Fire”, the bakery staff were extras in this episode and John had a line to say, The Bakery was also to appear in another episode later in the series.

The Aidensfield Bun was created by John Doyle and is still available today! Emma Doyle finally retired in 1992 aged 82, but she did stay living next door to the bakery and popped in every day until the age of 99 years!

Aside of Past
Aside of Present


The Bakery is moving with the times whilst still keeping traditional values and baking styles. The recipes have been passed down through the generations only being slightly tweaked to make the products even more scrumptious and moreish.

Robert has been running the business for the last 15 years and has kept it growing. It now employs 5 full time Bakers and Bakery Assistants, 3 part-time Bakery Assistants, with the shop and 15 shop staff.

To move with the times Robert launched "The Avenue Bakery Online Shop" on Wednesday 8th August 2012.

All of our produce available is supplied locally and as usual, all the Bakery produce is made with traditional styles of baking and confectionery making.


The Future! Who knows what this will hold! Robert has three sons who all have had a taster of the bakery. They all want to be part of the bakery in time. The youngest has gone off to pursue qualifications and gain experience as a chef and says he would like to incorporate these skills into the family business sometime in the future.

In the meantime Rob and Jan will carry on with this successful, long-running family business!

Aside of Future

Meet the team

Favourite bakery product: Viennese
Favourite car: Selby Mustang
Favourite film: Notting Hill/Gone in 60 seconds
Favourite actor: Will Smith
Favourite book: Amanda Holden’s autobiography
Favourite place: Wherever my wife is
Favourite pop group: Madness

Favourite bakery product: Caramel Crispie
Favourite car: Maclaren F1
Favourite film: Beaches
Favourite actor: Hugh Jackman
Favourite book: Harry Potter series
Favourite place: Jamaica
Favourite pop group: Any soul or Motown

Favourite bakery product: French Pastry
Favourite car: Lamborghini Murcielago
Favourite film: Star Wars
Favourite actor: Samuel L. Jackson
Favourite book: The Twits
Favourite place: Australia
Favourite pop group: The Wild Hearts

Favourite bakery product: Caramel shortbread
Favourite car: Any convertible
Favourite film: Dirty Dancing
Favourite actor: Kit Harrington
Favourite book: Anything by Sandra Brown
Favourite place: On the beach
Favourite pop group: Abba

Favourite Bakery Product: Chocolate Nest
Favourite Car: Nissan 350Z
Favourite Film: Harry Potter
Favourite Actor: Channing Tatum
Favourite Book: Cinderella
Favourite Place: Seaside
Favourite Pop Group: Little Mix

Favourite Bakery Product: Brownie
Favourite Car: Range Rover Sport
Favourite Film: Bridget Jones Diary
Favourite Actor: Channing Tatum
Favourite Book: Cookbooks
Favourite Place: Florida
Favourite Pop Group: Bruno Mars

Favourite Bakery Product: Cheese salad sandwich
Favourite Car: Mini Cooper S soft top
Favourite Film: Psycho
Favourite Actor: Gerard Butler
Favourite Book: The Body Farm
Favourite Place: Bed
Favourite Pop Group: Otis Reading

Favourite Bakery Product: Cheese scones
Favourite Car: Aston Martin
Favourite Film: Lord of the Rings
Favourite Actor: Anthony Hopkins
Favourite Book: Hobbit
Favourite Place: Home
Favourite Pop Group: Any Northern Soul

Favourite Bakery Product: Choc Rice Crispie Square
Favourite Car: Audi TT
Favourite Film: Matlida
Favourite Actor: Sarah Lancashire
Favourite Book: Any David Walliams
Favourite Place: Filey
Favourite Pop Group: Abba

Favourite Bakery Product: Vanilla Slice
Favourite Car: Lexus 4x4
Favourite Film: Despicable Me
Favourite Actor: Denzel Washington
Favourite Book: Harry Potter
Favourite Place: Greece
Favourite Pop Group: Coldplay

Favourite Bakery Product: Bread
Favourite Car: Camaro ss
Favourite Film: Donnie Darko
Favourite Actor: Will Ferrell
Favourite Book: Gareth Thomas Autobiography
Favourite Place: Cardiff
Favourite Pop Group: Imagine Dragons

Favourite Bakery Product: Steak Pie
Favourite Car: Jaguar
Favourite Film: Snatch
Favourite Actor: Tom Hanks
Favourite Book: Rick Stein
Favourite Place: Santorini
Favourite Pop Group: Queen

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